Husband (Nick) and wife (Olena) are seeking an organized woman to help care for our 16 month-old son and to do some light housework.   This is a full-time position.  Your schedule is very flexible so long as you can work 40 hours a week.


  • $44,000/year ($22.00/hour). You will be paid as an employee and receive a W2.
  • Eat all you like.
  • Flexible schedule.  (Wife works from home so you can work out a schedule with wife).
  • Use of our car while working.
  • Periodic raises.
  • You will have workman’s compensation and unemployment insurance.
  • Overtime if you want it.
  • Time off when you need it.


  • Tend to the general and basic needs of our son while providing supervision to ensure his safety.
  • Change diapers.
  • Engage son in age-appropriate activities—including free play, reading, walks in the park, swing set, sandbox, etc.
  • Help son with proper health and personal care habits, diet, exercise, and toilet behavior.
  • Create a safe environment for son by removing hazards and enforcing boundaries.
  • Feed son.
  • Go grocery shopping.
  • Do laundry and ironing.
  • Get gas in cars.
  • Shovel front walkway when it snows.
  • Water plants and 5 small trees.
  • Perform housekeeping tasks including light cleaning and laundry.  (We have a weekly maid service that performs most of the cleaning).
  • Run errands.
  • Stock consumables.
  • Keep the refrigerator, oven, microwave and pantry clean.
  • Do dishes (we have an automatic dishwasher).
  • Let dog (Pumpkin) out and perhaps walk him some (8-pound toy terrier).
  • Keeping track of child’s appointments and events.


  • Must be a non-smoker.
  • Must be female.
  • Must have a driver’s license with no D.U.I.s.
  • Must speak and write English. (Wife Olena speaks 6 languages, but husband Nick only speaks English and needs to communicate with you).


  • CPR training is not required but is considered an advantage.
  • Prior experience in childcare settings (daycare center, nursery, babysitting, nanny) is not required but is an advantage.
  • Cooking or baking experience is not required but considered an advantage.
  • House cleaning experience is not required but considered an advantage.
  • Willingness to accompany family on trips (both business and vacations) is an advantage (all expenses paid of course).
  • Willingness to do some tasks outside of this job description such as help wife with her online business.
  • Not terribly unfit.  As any mother knows, this is physical work.


  • Frederick, CO.  We have a 1 year-old home in Wyndham Hills but we plan on moving 3 blocks away in the Spring of 2020 to a larger home and your help will continue to be needed.

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