This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to turn on and record for The Inspector Show.

Steps to Turn on Power

Step 1

At the light switch panel to the right of the door, keep the 1st, 2nd, and 4th switches OFF. Turn third switch ON. Make sure dimmer is on its lowest setting. This will turn ON the ceiling lights above the studio.


Step 2

Move to the left side of the front door and turn ON the sole light switch, lighting the neon sign.

Step 3

Head towards the back of the garage to the switches next to the VW Beetle and turn them both ON. These lights will illuminate the vehicles.

Step 4

Head straight to the other end of the garage to plug in the power to the lights and cameras. You will see two orange power cords on the ground.

Plug in both orange cords into the outlet behind the baby blue curtain.

Steps to Turn on Lights

Step 1

No need to lower the backlight in order to turn it ON.

At the bottom of the backlight’s C-Stand you will find a cord that’s not plugged into its extension.

Plug the cord into its extension to turn the backlight ON.

Step 2

To turn ON the keylight, press in the power switch to the right where it says adapter.

Intensity of light will be 99%. Do not mess with the settings of these lights. All light settings have been handled with.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 on the fill light (the light to the left of the keylight).

All lights should be powered ON now.

Steps to Turn ON the Cameras

Step 1

On Camera A, head to the left side and OPEN the lens barn door by sliding the switch DOWN.

Step 2

On the left side of the camera you will see the main power switch.

Slide the switch FORWARD to CAMERA. You will see a green light, confirming the camera is ON and CHARGING.

The screen to the camera will turn ON.

Monitors will then turn ON as well.

Step 3

On the left side of the camera, head to the SD card holder.

Flip the cover UP, revealing the card slots.

Face the front cover of the SD card away from you and firmly PUSH the card into Slot A.

You should hear a little click that then holds the SD card in Slot A.

Slide the SD Card cover DOWN.

Step 4 

repeat steps 1-3 for Camera B.

To start a recording, head over to the back right side of the camera to the START/STOP button. Press the red button IN to start recording.

Step 5 (for Cameras A &B)

You will then see a red circle and a moving timestamp, indicating a recording is in progress.

The red access light will light up as well.

Now the studio is up and running!

Powering Everything Down at the End of the Day

Step 1 (Camera A &B)

Press the START/STOP button to end recordings.

Step 2

Open SD card slot. Push on the SD card, ejecting it from Slot A. Store SD cards in a safe place you will remember.

Step 3

Slide power switch to OFF.

Step 4

Flip the lens barn door to CLOSE.

Step 5 (Lights)

Press the left switch over one to turn OFF both the key and soft lights.

The red 99% will turn off.

Step 6

Move back towards the backlight.

Unplug the black cord from its extension to turn OFF backlight.

Step 7 (Power Cords)

Head to the back wall and unplug both orange cords.